Life & Disability Insurance

Despite putting in place our best laid plans and even as we face each day with boundless optimism, unforeseen events can quickly change the circumstances of one’s life.

At Winward Financial, as part of our protection-based approach to the planning process, we review with clients their current level of need for life insurance, disability insurance, or other insurances to protect against life’s challenges.

While we understand that discussing the possibility of an unexpected death or extended illness may be uncomfortable to some, we find that after putting in the difficult work of doing so, clients have an increased peace of mind which then allows them to truly live life to the fullest. Should the unexpected happen to befall them, they know that their family, loved ones, or business will be able to continue with the least disruption possible, at least from a financial standpoint. We invite all to contact us for a review of your situation and encourage all to have an appropriate plan to protect against the unexpected.