Meet Our Staff

Shantel Leishman headshot

Shantel Leishman

Life Insurance/Investment Administrative Assistant

Shantel joined Winward Financial nearly a decade ago and is a licensed service assistant. Sam defers most of the important tasks to Shantel when they require getting paperwork done exactly right, so there is a good chance you’ll interact with Shantel often in the office.

Shantel is married to Paul, and together they have raised 6 children and are now enjoying the fruits of those efforts as they have 9 grandchildren and they keep coming. A resident of Wellsville, Shantel enjoys her family, friends, and being part of a great community.

Aleena Winward headshot

Aleena Winward

Building Manager

Aleena has been involved with Winward Financial since its founding in some capacity or another. Presently, Aleena works as the Building Manager for the Winward Building in Wellsville as well as a wide variety of miscellaneous tasks to help keep things going. If you come by the office, there is a chance you may bump into her.

Aleena is married to Sam, and together they are raising three very busy children. Aleena is an amazing long-arm quilter and operates a quilt shop in the Winward Building also. She enjoys hiking, singing, Cache Valley, southern Utah camping, and spending time with family and friends. She is her family’s #1 cheerleader and helps the kids in their ballroom dance, violin, piano, studies, and growing up to be productive members of society.