Financial Planning & Investments

Managing wealth frequently involves the use of various investment products.

Through Sam Winward’s affiliation with Eagle Strategies, we are able to offer comprehensive fee-based written financial plans which will assist in bringing all of your goals and assets into one location. Using a financial data-gathering platform, we are able to help aggregate a holistic picture of your financial future and help you understand options you have going forward in order to achieve your goals.

Whether a separately managed portfolio of stocks and bonds to mutual funds, or through the use of other financial products, at Winward Financial, we attempt to match each client up with an appropriate investment mix according to their goals and objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We are committed to spending the time with each client needed to get a full understanding and efficient plan put in place. We also strive to have as many options as possible available for the construction of our clients’ portfolios, as we feel that each plan should be customized to that client’s individual needs and circumstances.